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[*Sunday 25th*]

okay so umm...
this school SUCKS.

okay there, i said it. (=
oh, and merry christmas.
DCS ..

[*Sunday 28th*]

so i guess schedules have been figured out and stuff.

how does everyone like things so far? i hear alot of people wan to leave and are already planning on it.

this entry is a result of my boredom. damn ms.tennison i still gotta finish her hw.
1 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Thursday 4th*]

my homeroom is 103. which is room 1221. which is "X" on the map. which is on the 2nd floor.. and perfectly fine with me.

i know 8 people in my homeroom, which is okay. because 1 is my guy best friend (myles houle), 1 is a good friend from last year (anny diaz), and the rest are from high school last year, middle school or even back in elementary school or etc(sarah, saloumeh, danny, roger, MORGAN lmao) .

its all good, see you all on monday bright and early ♥
3 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Thursday 28th*]

ok guys i FINALLY got my uniform bottoms from dickies today.

it totally sucks. i honestly & truly dont feel like myself in this uniform. i would never wear them for everyday life & i hate the fact that we're being MADE to purchase THOSE exact ones. ive had to wear uniforms in elementary school and middle school. in 1-5 i didnt give a shit what i looked like so i didnt care. at jfk, they werent strict about it.. we could wear any khaki bottom and a polo.

my mom insisted that i buy at least 3, so thats what i got. 3 pants.

but my point: i was wondering if any of you didnt buy dickies. (or any school uniform brand for that matter) just look alike pants from say jcpennys or any other department store. if i were to purchase pants from another store (that looked somewhat similar in style and color) do you think i'd get in trouble?

yeah. so saddddCollapse )
3 MSHS! DCS ..

new mod [*Sunday 24th*]

we got a new mod ;]


everybody say HI!!
even though you all know her already.


3 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Friday 22nd*]

did everyone get assigned to go to cafeteria on the first day of school?
cause i got the room assignment card today and it said cafeteria.
5 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Monday 20th*]

Does any organized soul happen to know when and where the orientation is?
I've heard it's sometime in July....
2 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Friday 1st*]

spent 187.16 on uniforms today. ugly as hell.

i hope we can at least wear any type of shoes (that obviously have to cover your feet and stuff-nto sandals)
3 MSHS! DCS ..

[*Friday 17th*]

what books are you planning on reading for the summer reading project?
4 MSHS! DCS ..

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