jay.ay.zee.zee.why (x_bunny_hugz_x) wrote in dcs_mshs,

ok guys i FINALLY got my uniform bottoms from dickies today.

it totally sucks. i honestly & truly dont feel like myself in this uniform. i would never wear them for everyday life & i hate the fact that we're being MADE to purchase THOSE exact ones. ive had to wear uniforms in elementary school and middle school. in 1-5 i didnt give a shit what i looked like so i didnt care. at jfk, they werent strict about it.. we could wear any khaki bottom and a polo.

my mom insisted that i buy at least 3, so thats what i got. 3 pants.

but my point: i was wondering if any of you didnt buy dickies. (or any school uniform brand for that matter) just look alike pants from say jcpennys or any other department store. if i were to purchase pants from another store (that looked somewhat similar in style and color) do you think i'd get in trouble?

didnt feel like showing my face to livejournal tonight

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

goodnight ♥
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